OrderDog POS

The point-of-sale is a tool that allows you to run your business better – not something that you should have to manipulate to get to work for you.


The features of the OrderDog™ point-of-sale are extensive; here are a few of the highlights:

  • Customer Tracking – This feature allows you to see exactly what your customers are doing – what items they are buying and when they are making purchases
  • NTEP Certified – The point-of-sale is weights and measures certified to ensure that all of the government rules and regulations are met
  • Custom Reports – OrderDog™ has custom reports so that you can see sales trends, item updates, customer transactions, complete sales data, purchasing data, and much more
  • Discount Matrix – This tool allows you to create special discount levels for your customers (like veterans, senior citizens, employees, etc.) and create specials on items (like your weekly sales or Super Tuesday sales)
  • User-friendly Interface – The point-of-sale has a specially designed interface that makes it intuitive for both new and tenured employees


Put simply – you are able to do more with an OrderDog™ point-of-sale.  The point-of-sale allows you to completely secure your transactions with encrypted data and complete software securities. It also operates quickly allowing you to spend less time having people wait in line or waiting for a receipt.  Moreover, the point-of-sale is able to completely operate offline if your Internet goes down – the transactions are all stored on the local machine.

The added value that the OrderDog™ point-of-sale can bring to your retail store is the large database (housed on the back end) that contains millions of items and hundreds of vendors.  There is no need to continuously upload your data on machines or catalogs when you want to sell something.   OrderDog™ manages the data so that you don't have to.  If you want to sell something on your shelves without having to always upload the most recent catalog, you can. You can track an item from the moment you order it on a purchase order, watch it as it is received by the store, and view it leave your front door when a customer purchases it.  You do not need to buy extra licenses for each computer on which you use OrderDog™.  From the data-loading, efficiency, inventory tracking, and up-to-date catalog information, the OrderDog™ point-of-sale ties your whole store together from front-to-back.

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