About OrderDog

OrderDog: The pack leader in ordering solutions

The idea behind OrderDog came from retailers like you who were dog-tired because they were devoting 15-20 hours a week manually placing orders – time that was taken away from customers, familiy and growing their businesses.

Walking the aisles with pen and paper to create a purchase order for each vendor is slow, inefficient and frustrating. We saw our retailer clients struggling to gather the information they needed and to organize it by vendor, all of whom had different processes and requirements. Plus, there were frequently errors, unnoticed price changes and missed opportunities to take advantage of supplier specials or new offerings. A few of these store owners and managers had point-of-sale systems, which were helpful in managing inventory and replenishing sold items. But the process and effort required to order from 150 or 200 different vendors every week was wearing them out. And the only ordering solutions available to them were clumsy, cumbersome and created their own headaches.

Our retailer clients asked if we could build something better. So we created OrderDog – a truly best-of-breed ordering solution.

"The process and effort required to order from 150 or 200 different vendors every week was wearing us out."

Why the name OrderDog?

As an Internet-based business, we had to have a good, easy-to-remember domain name. And, all of our people are here to assist the hardworking folks who operate or supply retail businesses. So we needed something friendly, too. Plus, since we manage orders (purchase orders, sales orders) and most everybody likes dogs, we adopted OrderDog – www.orderdog.com.


Where is OrderDog located?

We’re based in the Lone Star State, in Coppell, Texas (just north of Dallas). If you’ve met any, you already know that Texans are known for their friendliness and our support team proves that every day!

Of course, you’ll find OrderDog customers everywhere. We have retail customers in every U.S. state, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and beyond.