Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ's – Frequently asked questions


What does OrderDog do?

OrderDog provides electronic ordering, inventory and point-of-sale solutions for retail stores.  Our retail solutions are flexible, allowing OrderDog to cater to both smaller stores and larger, multi-lane stores.


Does OrderDog sell hardware? 

OrderDog does not sell hardware – OrderDog is a software company.  However, we direct our customers to Retailer Warehouse (, as we have maintained a close relationship with this company.


So how does OrderDog ‘work’?

OrderDog is fueled by a web-based application (known as the iPortal) that operates as a complete back-office system.  You are able to access your information from anywhere, and our web application is both Mac and PC friendly.  The iPortal serves as a database for all of your inventory items. 

The iPortal in essence “syncs” to your respective devices.  With our ordering scanners and point-of-sale, the data integrates seamlessly to offer simple and accurate ordering and inventory control.  Never again will you need to load/unload information into your devices!


How are you different than ‘the other guys’? 

OrderDog works as the bridge between the supplier and retailers.  Some service providers offer products for inventory counting, some for product ordering, and some for point-of-sale solutions – OrderDog is all three.  We provide complete service from receiving the product that comes in the back door, to tracking it when it leaves the front door.


How does OrderDog’s pricing work?

Pricing is contingent upon many factors.  We work with each retail store individually to put together the most cost-effective and effective solution for your store.  Call for a free store analysis today.  We will generate a customized sales sheet so that you can see in minutes how inexpensive the OrderDog solution can be for you!