Paws down, a much easier way to manage store orders

If your store carries 8,000 to 20,000 SKUs, sourcing and ordering merchandise can easily consume 15 hours of labor time each week. It’s not just the inefficiency of walking back and forth through your store with a clipboard, order form and pencil figuring out what to order and from whom. When you’re buying from 150-200 different suppliers who can add or remove 100 items per week, it’s a huge burden to keep up with current pricing, specials, availability and ordering requirements. With everything it takes to run your store, why work like a dog on ordering when there's a better way?


OrderDog to the rescue!

OrderDog makes short work of placing and managing orders, taking inventory, and fetching information on the fast-changing universe of products and vendors. It's incredibly powerful, yet easy to set up and use — even for old dogs that loathe to learn new tricks. OrderDog consists of a programmed handheld scanner that connects wirelessly or by phone to the Web-based OrderDog software, a data feed of item updates, and a robust online vendor/product marketplace that streamlines the processing of sales orders. And, it even connects to store point-of-sale systems.

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