Sales Orders

Vendors can manage their accounts directly on our site, or Integrate through Web Services to Automate the process, ensuring that products and information are up-to-date and available for order.


1. Order Editing

If a store calls in to add on a product or the quantity of what they ordered is incorrect or has lower availability, you can change this on the purchase order – and it will reflect on the store’s account in OrderDog.

2. Additional Discounts

If the store is allowed a normal 10% discount across the board or they get special pricing when they buy a certain product; if it is not already reflected and set up in the account, the user can edit the purchase order so that it is correct for invoicing and on the order (both on the store and vendor sides).

3. Add invoicing information

In the bottom of the purchase order, there is a place to put all of the invoice information so that you can see what was billed, when, and to what invoice number it is tied.

Also, with the order tracking, you can see when a new order comes in, when new customers become OrderDog customers, and see exactly what stage an order is in processing.

4. Email Alerts

You (or a number of people) can receive email alerts to be prompted for a new order, new customer, when orders ship, or when account numbers change.

5. Multi-level tracking

The vendor is able to see at what stage in the process the order is. There is a point where you can see; when the order is created, when it has been reviewed, and when it has been shipped – all will time and date stamps.