Setting up Your Account

Getting setup with OrderDog is as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Choose your vendors

You have the ability to set up any vendor from the vendors on OrderDog to the small vendor down the street.

2. Choose your items

a. With Scanner

i) You have the ability to scan any items, and as you scan, they will add to your inventory.
ii) You can set up many things while setting up your items (specials, pricing, and much more)

b. Add your items online

i) You have the ability to hand key in items from the website. If they are already in OrderDog, you can just type in the UPC and it will be added directly to your inventory. If it is not in inventory, you can input all of the necessary information and not have to worry about the initial item setup for that item again.

3. Define Buying Rules

a. Determine Rules

It is easy to determine who you buy from and how often. These buying ‘rules’ may sound complicated, but it is just a basic series of steps to set up a framework so that when you scan a product to order, it will be added to an order for the correct/desired vendor.