Shelf Tags

Create and Replace Shelf Tags Quickly and Easily.

Creating Shelf Tags:

1. New Items:

Any new item that comes into your store needs a tag. Create them with the scanner or online in just seconds. Print out at your convenience.

2. Price Changes:

New price changes are coming into OrderDog daily. The normal standard of practice is that you make sure you get the correct price changes in a timely manner (normally weekly)

3. General Items tags:

No Pricing.

4. Everyday Low Prices:

You have the ability to set standard low prices so that your customers know what kinds of deals they are getting.

5. Specials:

You can print tags for monthly/seasonal specials.

6. Item Tags:

For items that come in your store without a barcode, you can create item tags, so that you can both track and order these products.