Straight Forward Shopping


Find the Products your Customers want – Check Status, Availability, Price, and Specials.


1. Search by:

On the shopping page, you are able to search by multiple different methods, and if you use more than one at a time, you can refine your search. You have the ability to search by Keywords, Brand, Vendor, UPC, Item ID, and Size.

a. Keywords:

You can search by a particular keyword if you do not completely know the product for which you are searching ñ or if you just want to see different types and brands of a product (I.E. Vitamin C)

b. Search by Brand:

You can search by a brand to see all of the products a particular brand has and sold by whom.

c. Search by Vendor:

You have the ability to search a vendorís entire catalog from top to bottom, although you may have to refine your searches for some catalogs because they can be upwards of 30,000 items.

d. Search by UPC and Item ID:

You have the ability to search by a particular single or list of UPCs or Item IDs.

2. Search by any combination:

Many users use the combo of many different factors so that they find the exact products for which they are looking.