Manage Your Purchase Orders with Ease!


Review, Edit, and Check Status of Current and Past Orders.

Open Orders: Newly Created Orders Under Your Review

Active Orders: Sent Orders in the Review and Shipping Process

Closed Orders: Orders that You Have Already Received


1. Main Page:

The Purchase Order summary page is where you can view all of the orders from a status (either Open, Active, or Closed) as well as see certain specifics about the orders. You will be able to see if the orders have specials, special orders, discontinued products, notes, or alerts.

2. Markers for Purchase Orders:

a. Specials:

These are items that are on special from a vendor showing them at a discounted price.

b. Special Orders:

These are orders that you placed and specified in the system as a special order for a particular customer from your store.

c. Discontinued:

These are products that are being ordered but are no longer available from the specified vendor.

d. Notes:

These are notes that you write to the vendor. If you have special terms, need promo material, or just need to write in a message, this is the place to do it.

e. Below Free Shipping:

This is an alert that makes you aware that you have not met the minimum shipping amount; in turn, you will be charged shipping for this order, so you may want to try and add more items to the order to get there (but of course, that is not always the case)

f. Below Minimum Order Amount:

This is the alert that makes you aware that you will not be able to send a Purchase Order to the vendor if it is below their accepted minimum order amount.

g. Out of Stock:

This is the icon that makes you aware that the order contains out of stock items. This will be displayed on any Active or Closed purchase order. OrderDog has very easy ways to re-order out-of-stocks as well.

3. Other Uses for the Purchase Orders Page:

a. Rejects:

These are the products from a processed file that were not available to order for a particular reason, normally the vendor is not available to you, the item is not in the system, or the input item was incorrectly scanned/hand-keyed

b. Recycle Bin:

These are the orders that were deleted for one reason or another but have not yet been permanently deleted out of the system (like you would do with your recycle bin on your computer). You have the ability to restore them if they were accidently deleted for any reason.

c. Templates:

OrderDog allows you to create a template for an order. This template is a basic order that you would place with a vendor. For example, if have items that you know you place every week (milk, bread, vitamin C), you can make this into a template and create part of your order that way and add to it as you need.

d. PO File Import:

If you don't have the OrderDog point-of-sale YET, that's okay, as long as you get there eventually we have a way to import files into OrderDog from your third-party point-of-sale-system. We allow many types of formats so that you can still get your orders created and sent through OrderDog.