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Let’s Talk Ordering…

With the OrderDog™ system of managing and placing orders, you can shrink respective labor hours by 75%. Say goodbye to manually creating, placing and tracking orders each week. There’s no need to input ordered items by vendor; OrderDog™ sorts and organizes them into purchase orders for you. OrderDog™ lives on the Web, meaning you can log into your account from any PC, laptop or Internet-enabled device and see your orders. So you have the flexibility and freedom to manage orders without being tethered to your store. 

Unlike other ordering systems, you don’t have to load entire vendor catalogs onto the scanner or sift through thousands of irrelevant items just to access those you want. OrderDog™ does all the hard work for you, so you can focus on more profitable activities: selling, taking care of customers and marketing your business.  The OrderDog™ ordering software gives you great flexibility.  You can choose the handheld scanner with the functions and features that best suit the needs of your business. You define the buying rules instead of conforming to someone else’s. The scanner even “learns” your ordering history and preferences and lets you build orders on the fly, saving even more time.

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What About the OrderDog™ Point-of-Sale?

Are you a victim of an antiquated point-of-sale system or cash register? How are you managing your prices and tracking your customers? The OrderDog™ point-of-sale system is loaded with features that allow you to run your store more efficiently. We have developed a user-friendly interface that allows for training of new employees to be a breeze.

The point-of-sale system also ties into OrderDog™’s web database.  You will not need to continuously upload your data on machines . OrderDog™ manages your data so that you don't have to. With the OrderDog™ point-of-sale system you can track an item from the moment you order it on a purchase order, watch it as it is received by the store , and view it leave your front door when a customer purchases it .  You do not need to buy extra licenses for each computer on which you use OrderDog™.  From the data-loading, efficiency , inventory tracking, and up-to-date catalog information, the OrderDog™ point-of-sale ties your whole store together from front-to-back.

Learn more about our point-of-sale system here.

Friendly support and tutorials available 24/7

If you’re running a retail store, the operative word is running. So it might be 11 p.m. or 5 a.m. when you need help with OrderDog™ or want to learn how to use additional features. On OrderDog.com, you’ll find a wealth of how-to information and short video tutorials that you can access on your schedule. You can also talk to a friendly, helpful OrderDog™ customer service representative at no charge during business hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central time. Phone support for non-emergency issues is also available after hours on a fee basis.

The Bottom Line

An investment in technology should be looked at as a way for retailers to free up time to engage the customer and create a truly exceptional shopping experience. Arguably the most important feature in any technological investment is ease of use. Retail owners do not want to spend much time learning and training employees on a new ordering system or point-of-sale. Products that are fast, accurate, and consistent foster an enjoyable user experience and peace of mind for reatailers. At OrderDog™, we strive to create these unique experiences for business owners and industry consumers. Don’t be left out in the doghouse alone – learn today how OrderDog™ can enhance the way your store does business.

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