The Easiest Way to Order in the Natural Product Industry.  Bringing together Retailers and Suppliers since 2001!  

We work like a dog so you don't have to!

 OrderDog provides retail stores with solutions to:

  • Electronic Ordering 

  • Inventory Management

  • Point-of-Sale

Spend less time ordering and managing your inventory!

Our "Plug and Play" systems come fully loaded with product information from all our many Participating Suppliers.

OrderDog™ manages the catalog  data so that you don't have to!


Does OrderDog really make ordering easier?
"OrderDog lets me do the ordering for my store, quickly and easily.  I can walk my store, scan what needs to be ordered and move on.  I don't have to focus on just one brand, but can do the whole store at one time.  I order everything using OrderDog, I receive it, I sell it.  Life is good!"
-Randy G.
Abundant Living Health Foods

Easy, Quick, Accurate Ordering That You'll Love!

Simplify Ordering

The Portal web-based complete back office system will revolutionize how you run your store!  Always up-to-date product and price information direct from your chosen vendors. Track your orders from vendor to store!

Simple Scan and Order

Couple the Mobile hand-held scanner and app with your Portal for a complete ordering system.  Simply scan and order all vendors at once, the Portal will do the sorting for you.  Always find the best prices while walking your store!

Simplify Sales & Inventory Tracking

The Point-of-Sale allows you to completely secure your sales transactions with easy-to-use interface.  Customer sales history and reporting on sales trends, item updates, complete sales data, purchasing data, and much more!


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