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Does OrderDog really 

make ordering easier?


All your questions answered.

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Easy-to-use interface with customer tracking and sales history, reporting on sales trends, item updates, purchasing data, inventory tracking, receiving and much more!

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In-aisle Ordering

Simply scan and order from all your vendors at one time, Orderdog will do the sorting for you. No need to focus on just one brand reducing ordering time by up to 70%.


Simplify order processing by getting your catalog in front of hundreds of retailers and receive orders from multiple stores in one place.

Credit Card Integrations

Easily accept credit, debit and EBT cards. OrderDog has several integrations on our Point-of-Sale. If you don't know who you would like to use, we recommend Precision Payments. 

Our Partners

We partner with hundreds of Natural Products Suppliers including all your favorites.

If you are looking to save time and money, choose OrderDog to make your ordering life easier!

Wynn Worthen/Owner

Granary Health Foods

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